Cosmic sputnik «Mayak»

On September 22, 2016 at 19-30 the presentation of the Mayak satellite was held, which was made by a team of young engineers and technological enthusiasts at the platform of the University of Mechanical Engineering. The granting by Roscosmos of the launch of the Mayak spacecraft is another step towards the appearance of the brightest star created by enthusiasts in the sky, the words of the head of the educational program "Modern Cosmonautics" MAMI Alexander Shaenko are given in the message.

Cosmic sputnik «Mayak»

"Mayak" is developed within the framework of the educational program "Modern Cosmonautics" and is designed to promote space activities and increase the attractiveness of scientific and technical education. After entering the orbit, the satellite will open a solar reflector in the form of a pyramid of metallized film, which is 20 times thinner than a human hair. "Mayak" will become the brightest star in the night sky, visible in all cities of the Earth.

Among the scientific purposes of the launch is a real-flight test of an aerodynamic braking device, which can later be used for debris from space debris, as well as the popularization of cosmonautics and space research in Russia, and the increasing attractiveness of scientific and technical education among young people.

Tests of the disclosure system

When tracking the flight of the satellite in the uppermost layers of the atmosphere, new information on the air density at high altitude will be obtained. In addition, the solar reflector "Mayak" will become a reference object for verifying calculations of the apparent stellar magnitude of space objects.

In this project the company "NIIKAM" actively participated, which donated materials for this project, in particular metallized PET film for the sparkling pyramid unfolding in space.

In the photo on the left on the right: Shayenko A. (the head of the project "Mayak"), Chernyshenko A. (scientific employee of "NIIKAM" Ltd.)